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T-Bone is a Red Heeler-American Bulldog-mix, a neutered male, whom we desperately and urgently need to re-home, as soon as possible.

Dog aw aw

The Bulldog returns in Call of Duty: Multiplayer Edit The Bulldog is the last shotgun unlocked, at level The Bulldog has average damage values for a shotgun. The Bulldog has eight pellets per shot, which can be adjusted via damage-modifying variants.

At any range shorter than around 4 meters, the Bulldog will deal 30 damage per pellet, making it so four pellets must hit for a one-shot kill.

At any range between 4 meters and 15 meters, the Bulldog will deal 18 damage per pellet, making it require six pellets to get a one-shot kill.

At any range past 15 meters, the Bulldog will cease to do any damage.

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Considering its range, the Bulldog will generally need more than one shot to kill an enemy, considering six out of the eight pellets in a shot need to kill at the majority of Dog aw aw Bulldog's effective range. The Bulldog also has a somewhat low rate of fire, at RPM.


Attempting to shoot faster than RPM will activate a firecap, and make the Bulldog shoot slower. This firecap is very easy to hit, meaning that players must limit their rate of fire should they want to avoid meeting the firecap.

The Bulldog has bizarre accuracy traits for a shotgun.

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The hip-fire cone is somewhat large, which can offer mixed results depending on if the player is playing a Core or Hardcore game mode. In Core, it is widely regarded is disadvantageous, as the Bulldog generally needs several pellets to score a kill.

However, in Hardcore, the Bulldog only needs a maximum of two pellets to score a kill, meaning that a larger hip-fire cone can facilitate hitting the enemy. The hip-fire cone when aiming down the sight is equivalent to the hip-fire cone when standing still, being quite tight, and is useful in Core game modes to aim in order to send the pellets in a general area.

The iron sights of the Bulldog are acceptable for close quarters, and the Bulldog drifts slightly upwards when shooting, making recoil a non-issue. The Bulldog has mix-matched handling traits. The Bulldog is reloaded via magazine. One of the biggest weaknesses that the Bulldog has is its 6 round magazine.

This is fairly small for a shotgun that shoots as fast as the Bulldog, not to mention that the Bulldog will go through ammunition surprisingly quick.

It is highly recommended to use Scavenger on the Bulldog, as the starting ammunition loadout is a measly 24 shots.


The Bulldog has the usual assortment of attachments available. The optical attachments are unnecessary due to its close-quarters nature, and that the iron sights are good enough.

The Foregrip is also not recommended, as recoil won't impact the player almost at all.

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The Laser Sight is a highly recommended attachment for the Bulldog, as its accuracy in general is dependent on its hip-fire cone, and tightening it will make the Bulldog more accurate in general.

The Parabolic Microphone isn't very useful in Hardcore unless a UAV is active, but in Core game modes, it can be very useful to scout out suppressed gunfire on the mini-map.

However, the Bulldog must be equipped at the time in order to have the effect usable, and it cannot be used in tandem with a Laser Sight. Advanced Rifling is an extremely useful attachment on the Bulldog, as it increases the 30 damage range out to 5 meters, and the 18 damage range is increased out to 19 meters.

This makes the Bulldog much more functionally powerful, as the player can engage at ranges where they were out of reach.The aw Family Set Written by Cherry Carl Illustrated by Ron Leishman 8.

Dog aw aw

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Dog aw aw
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