Should sociology be value free essay writer

Wright Mills identified as being fundamental to understanding the sociological imagination? The Industrial Revolution Which social scientist first proposed applying the scientific method to the social world? Auguste Comte Which social scientist proposed that societies evolve from a lower, barbaric form to a higher, civilized form in a process he called social Darwinism?

Should sociology be value free essay writer

should sociology be value free essay writer

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Sociology Unit 1 | Free Essays - It has seemed to me worth while to show from the history of civilization just what war has done and has not done for the welfare of mankind. In the eighteenth century it was assumed that the primitive state of mankind was one of Arcadian peace, joy, and contentment.

Weber also cautioned against the making of value judgements which coincide with the orientation or motives of the researcher.

It is important to note that although Weber believed that value neutrality was the aim of research. What are the arguments for and against the possibility of value free sociology? Is the answer to be found in the design of research methods?

Or is all knowledge a cultural product in that what a society defines as knowledge reflects the values of that society. This concept of value free sociology has its roots in the rise of positivism and the scientific method in the mid nineteenth century.

Positivists believed that discovering laws of social development would create a better society. A key figure in the establishing of sociology as a respectable science was Comte Comte looked at human progress and decided that there are three stages to the evolutionary growth of knowledge.

From the final stage. Positivist came to be associated with progress and social reform. All disciplines had a historical imperative to develop away from the speculative to the positive stage: Comte argued that this 'would lead to the formation of general laws.

Observation became the central criterion of verification.

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And it is here, at the heart of the positivist method. The positivist tradition concentrates on producing 'objective' data. This quantative data is then subjected to analysis and causal correlations are established.

An example would be Blauner Alienation and Freedoms in McNeill It was hypothesized that different levels of alienation are causally linked with different types of industrial processes. After operationalising the concept of alienation. The main priority was that there be no suspicion that the collected data had been affected by the researchers' own values.

It should be possible for other researchers to use the same methods and arrive at similar conclusions. The job of the scientist was only to identify scientific laws. Weber, in his Methodology of The Social Sciences, points out that all knowledge of cultural reality W2 What Weber is saying is that ' f act s ' cannot speak f or themselves.

should sociology be value free essay writer

Social facts do not exist in their own right; what count s as a social fact is greatly determined by '' the moral spectacles through which we view the world.

The balance advocated by Weber proves to be rather limited: Although a teacher could proclaim the results of an investigation that same teacher should refrain from us ing this as an opportunity to disseminate his own views.

Weber was of the opinion that sociologists could ''distinguish between empirical knowledge and value judgements. However media theorists are quick to point out that what counts as ' news ' is the end product of a selective social process.

Some events are recorded while others are suppressed. Also the moral language used to write the news contains bias and preconceptions. So what results are not impartial but value loaded.

Could the same be said against sociological research? That sociology could not be value free but argue that the deliberate dissemination of personal values be avoided in lectures and publications. But taking on board the words of Weber it might be asked. And also at what point should they be controlled or eliminated?

It could be argued that just because a researcher's values come into play in the selection of research areait does not automatically follow that the researcher's results are biased in favour of those beliefs and values. Thus a distinction can be made between the social scientist and the journalist.

The social scientist's conduct must be for a fair and balanced enquiry in which personal and political values play no part, in both the research method and in the publishing of the findings.

Commenting on their value laden choice of research topic and their value free research. Halsey et al say they Were concerned to describe accurately and in detail the social conditions of.

Halsey et al in McNeill p12 The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that there ' never has been a value free sociology.Get these free sample essays from Essay Writer – for UK students and academics – free sample essays covering a wide range of subject areas and topics.

INTRODUCTION Definition of sociological imagination Sociological theories describe causes and effects of human behavior; study the social li. T/F Although sociological research should be value free, undesirable results should be discarded when they are contrary to the hypothesis False T/F Repeating a study by other researchers to compare results is referred to as replication.

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