Southron ambitions essay

All of us have certain ambition. Some have good ambition such as to be a famous doctor or a social worker etc.

Southron ambitions essay

Where was the urgency to wed, even after witnessing Aerys's sorry state at the Harrenhal Tourney in late AC? They demonstrate no hint of concern that they or their houses might be threatened by Aerys, let alone that they intend to band together to move against him.

She's a bitter widow who was deprived marrying Brandon, then Ned, not someone with inside knowledge of Citadel conspiracies, or some detective Southron ambitions essay has deduced Citadel conspiracies.

I never said they were not subtle. They tend to us when we are sick and injured, or distraught over the illness of a parent or a child. Whenever we are weakest and most vulnerable, there they are.

Sometimes they heal us, and we are duly grateful. When they fail, they console us in our grief, and we are grateful for that as well. Out of gratitude we give them a place beneath our roof and make them privy to all our shames and secrets, a part of every council.


And before too long, the ruler has become the ruled. Maester Walys was his grey rat's name. And isn't it clever how the maesters go by only one name, even those who had two when they first arrived at the Citadel?

That way we cannot know who they truly are or where they come from … but if you are dogged enough, you can still find out.

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Before he forged his chain, Maester Walys had been known as Walys Flowers. Flowers, Hill, Rivers, Snow … we give such names to baseborn children to mark them for what they are, but they are always quick to shed them. Walys Flowers had a Hightower girl for a mother … and an archmaester of the Citadel for a father, it was rumored.


The grey rats are not as chaste as they would have us believe. Oldtown maesters are the worst of all.

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Once he forged his chain, his secret father and his friends wasted no time dispatching him to Winterfell to fill Lord Rickard's ears with poisoned words as sweet as honey.

He never wanted her, I promise you that. He told me so, on our last night together … but Rickard Stark had great ambitions too.

Southron ambitions that would not be served by having his heir marry the daughter of one of his own vassals. Afterward my father nursed some hope of wedding me to Brandon's brother Eddard, but Catelyn Tully got that one as well. I was left with young Lord Dustin, until Ned Stark took him from me.[Link] Southron Ambitions ~ Tower of the Hand My Boiled Leather Audio Hour interlocutor Stefan Sasse returns to the Tower of the Hand with another provocative and insightful essay.

This time around he’s taking Lady Dustin at her word and asking “Okay, if Rickard Stark really did have some kind of grand southron ambitions, what were they?”. Jon Arryn is the main man behind this plot -> Arryn, Stark, Tully + Baratheon vs Targaryen. When the mad king kills some Starks, it was a preemptive measure to stop this alliance.

Southron Ambitions - Theory that the Starks, Arryns & Tullys were uniting through marriage in order to oppose and possibly depose Aerys II Targaryen. (This is my favorite ASOIAF theory of all time) (This is my favorite ASOIAF theory of all time).

Southron ambitions essay

Jan 24,  · Southron ambitions that would not be served by having his heir marry the daughter of one of his own vassals. -A Dance with Dragons, Chapter XLI (The Turncloak) This is commonly used to paint Brandon as a ladies man out to deflower virgins wherever he can.

ALL (Spoilers All) Southron ambitions seems incompatible with Northern culture. ( submitted 3 years ago * by ooooohnoyobogoya Dey terk er King.

Southron ambitions essay

In fact, what Lady Dustin calls "southron ambitions" of Lord Rickard Stark seems to be not so much a conspiracy theory of hers than reality.

And it's rewarding to go into it.

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