Yes to abortion

The result changes everything, again. Final results gave a Yes vote of 66 percent, slightly less than forecast in exit polls last night.

Yes to abortion

We make sure your generous gifts are well spent on the education and advocacy you care about. As a Dubliner from Drimnagh, I came of age in an Ireland where the heavy hand of the Catholic hierarchy kept women from taking control over their bodies and their lives.

This victory shows the Irish nation is at peace with its Catholic identity and its prochoice position. In a country where 85 percent of people identify as Catholic, it is clear Irish Catholics voted yes, proving once again that Catholics can be prochoice and trust women with their religion.

Yes to abortion

They said resoundingly— we believe in compassion and care for our citizens, our women. We know they can be stewards of their own decisions guided by their consciences towards what is right. In a time when we can easily get swept up into being cynical about the power of the people in a democracy, this vote was profoundly inspiring.

People of all ages knocked on doors and talked over the dinner table. The secrecy and stigma over abortion was lifted— Irish Catholics especially had unprecedented and honest debates and reconciled their faith and their values. The will of the people was affirmed. These are the essentials of a just and democratic society.

Now, it is simply up to the politicians to do their jobs and bring this vote into legislative reality.Say Yes To Abortion!

3, likes · 3 talking about this. We support the legality of abortion and want the procedure to always remain an option.

We are. Yes To Abortion Before abortion was legal, , women died every year from getting back-alley abortions. Now that abortion is legal fewer women are dying of it. Watch video · One of the victims of Ireland's abortion policies referenced by the Yes campaign was Savita Halappanavar, died in hospital in Galway aged 31 when she was refused an abortion .

Yes to abortion

May 26,  · The “yes” camp took more than 66 percent of the vote, according to the official tally, and turnout was about 64 percent. Abortion is still a highly personal issue for many voters, shaped. Not all women think abortion is cool for themselves, but all women have the right to make this choice.

Abortion is a simple medical procedure which ends a pregnancy. Throughout history, around the world, and in many religions, women have used abortion as a part of our healthcare. Other options for an unplanned pregnancy include adoption or.

Robinson, 69, is an abortion doctor, one of only a handful in this country who perform abortions in the third trimester. She is in the business of ending pregnancies, yes, but more important, she.

Irish bishop calls 'yes' voters on abortion referendum to come to confession